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Nasty bb buttons

When creating a course in blackboard you are offered basic styling options amongst these choices exists a button library for the menu which sits on th eleft of the course/organisation main content. This is great but blackboard in their wisdom have used some interesting design choices for example Alligator print anyone? Another problem is that if a user adds a lengthy button name it will overflow onto two line and out of the graphic.

As an intermediate fix until another service pack etc is to set the css up to not display the option and leave users to choose a background color and link color. This also allows to adhere to C.R.A.P

Contrast- User defined but defaults are set to a #ffffff (white) anchors on #336699 (blue).
Repetition – The menu is in the same position, same style throughout Blackboard
Alignment – If left at default the menu fits with the rest of the theme. The use of anchors will stop over running text.
Proximity – See above point.

So enough chat the selector and very simple css is as follows:

display: none;
display: none;

This simply hides the users ability to call the change button functionality.

More info on CRAP and UX design – this will be featured in a new post shortly.

TreeHouse Blog on c.r.a.p

February 21st, 2013

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